Take action now! Can you call your MP?

Thanks for taking action to protect the places you love. It’s important that all of our elected representatives stand up for regional Queensland. Don’t you agree?

Is your MP willing to stand up for the protection of our best farmland from coal and gas expansion?

Right now the Government is forming it's plans for the next four years and each MP needs to hear from their constituents about the issues that you care about!

Did you know that just 11% of Queensland is mapped as our best farmland, areas close to communities and significant environmental areas and yet 37% of that is threatened by coal and gas licenses?

Contact your local Member of Parliament - Tips:

  • Engage respectfully at all times.
  • You are NOT there to argue with your MP - you are there to confirm their position on the issues.
  • You may not get to speak to your MP directly. That’s OK. You can ask the staff to schedule a call or meeting with your MP.
  • If meeting in person print and take this Q&A sheet with you. 

Some supporters have already called their MPs and got great results! You can easily share your results with your friends and family on social media using the hashtag #AskYourQldMP.

Will you call their office and organise a time to speak to your MP to ask them 4 easy questions?

If you have to leave a message or only have time for one question, question 4 regarding amending the Regional Planning Interest Act is the most vital for us to see real protections. 

  1. Do you think our most productive farmland should be protected?
  2. Should our water resources be protected for regional communities and food and fibre production?
  3. If in government will you support the viability of regional communities who want to prosper in the long term?
  4. Do you support amending the Regional Planning Interest Act to stop mining projects and unconventional gas wrecking our best farmland, water resources, areas close to towns, important ecological areas and areas of cultural significance?

Find your MP and log responses.

If you’re having trouble finding your MP or want to talk through the talking points before you call don’t hesitate to contact the Plan to Grow Coordinator Vicki at [email protected] 

Share your responses online using the hashtag #AskYourQldMP.



Find answers and share your responses online using the hashtag AskYourQldMP & #PlanToGrow. Then log responses here:

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