Plan to Grow Queensland

Plan to Grow is a project to bring regional people, businesses, and organisations together to diversify our economies, create jobs and plan for the future.

We want community-driven regional plans for Queensland that will:

  • Nurture and grow new industries and new jobs
  • Advance our traditional sustainable industries
  • Provide new opportunities and skills for young people
  • Strengthen our communities and reduce the cost of living
  • Protect key assets which are the foundation of our regional economies

However, at present regional plans are inadequate or out-dated and as a result, we are not seizing emerging opportunities or protecting the key assets we need for the future.

In particular, resource activities are encroaching on our best farmland, areas close to towns and important ecological areas.

Existing laws designed to protect these core areas have failed and as a result, farmland is being destroyed, people’s health is being put at risk and natural areas lost.

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    How does regional planning work in Queensland?

    There are two pieces of legislation which predominantly address regional planning in Queensland:
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    We are asking for genuine, community-driven planning processes that significantly improve on the current regional planning system, including: 
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    Mapping of Regional Interest Areas

    In 2014, when introducing the Regional Planning Interests Act (RPIA), the LNP Government said that it would ‘address the power imbalance between farmers and resource proponents’ and prioritise ‘agricultural activity on what is a finite and critical resource for Queensland’[1]. However, new analysis shows that mining continues to pose an enormous threat to areas identified as Regional Planning Interest zones under the RPIA. Since the Act came into force in 2014, a total of 42 resource projects have been approved under the Act, 3 under the former LNP Government and 39 under the current Labor Government.
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    Review of the Regional Planning Interests Act 2014

      Not a single mining or gas project slated for Queensland’s best agricultural land has been refused since planning legislation was changed five years ago, according to new analysis.  
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