Get Involved

Getting Involved

There are loads of different tactics and activities you can do in your community to help create the Queensland we need. A Queensland where long-term protections are in place to ensure our food, water and air is safe and free from pollution. If you love Queensland, there's lots you can do to make sure we defend the things which make our state great.

The ‘For the Love of Queensland’ campaign is all about Queenslanders speaking out for the things we love about Queensland and encouraging our government to do the same.

What do we want to achieve?

We are asking our political parties and candidates to do a number of things to protect food, water, health and communities. Get in touch with Lock the Gate for the policy specific asks. Broadly we ask asking them to take action to:

  • Protect our food and water.
  • Stop risking people's health.
  • Make miners clean up their mess.
  • Deliver a sustainable and diverse economy.

What you can do
There are loads of things that you can do to contribute to the campaign and help build active support in your community. Get creative and come up with your own tactics to get the message out there. But some broad ideas are:

  • Engage with your community
  • Hold creative actions and building visibility
  • Hold community events
  • Engage with your state MP and candidates

Engage with your Community
One of the more straightforward activities you can do is to talk to people in your community about the issues to build up awareness and active support. This is also an important way to demonstrate support to your MP’s and candidates. Download and print Lock the Gate’s “For the Love of QLD” petition or postcards and flyers and hit the streets. There are a few different ways you can do this.

  • Talk to all your friends and family.
  • Talk to people at your local farmer's market, shops or main street.
  • Book a stall your local market.
  • Give doorknocking in your local area ago. 

Creative Actions and Building Visibility
Creative actions and building visibility in your area is a good way to attract attention to your issue and get your message out. There are loads of different ways you can do this including:

  • Paint banners and placards and display them in busy areas such as main roads.
  • Get supporters together and deliver your petition to your MP’s office in a creative way, take photos and get the media there.
  • Consider using street theatre and the arts.
  • Doorknock around MP and Candidates offices to get Lock the Gate Triangles or similar displayed on fences.

Community Events
Events are a great way to further inform your community on the issues to build support and get them actively involved. Events can be fairly simple or involve more effort depending on the purpose. Some ideas are:

  • Community forums with experts or affected landholders to talk about the issues.
  • Movie and documentary film nights.
  • Candidate forums to give the community a chance to ask all candidates where they stand on the issues.
  • Attending other community events where you can go to and bring up the issues.

Engage with Your State MP and Candidates
It is important while campaigning around an election to engage with your current MP and candidates where possible. You can do this to educate the candidates on the issues you are working on, highlight the support you are gaining and find out their position.

  • Have a meeting with your MP and candidates
       - Send an email or letter requesting a meeting.
       - Call the office to follow up meeting requests.
  • Get supporters to call the offices or drop in to raise the issue.
  • Find out about events and street stalls where your MP and candidates will be and get a few people to go to ask questions. 

A Few Tips for Success

  • Use Lock the Gate’s Read it, Write it, Talk it formula, to build your confidence around the issue’s you are talking about.
  • When collecting petitions ensure you get people’s names, emails and postcode.
  • Send filled petitions back Lock the Gate ASAP so we can keep them updated, ask them to take the next step.
  • Take photos and use social media to share your actions use #loveqld
  • Get in touch with Lock the Gate to promote events through existing supporters.
  • Check out Lock the Gate's tips to get active page.

We respect and honour Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elders past and present. We acknowledge the stories, traditions and living cultures of First Nations peoples and their ongoing fight to protect Country.